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Don't You Want Me, Baby? is a comedy/action short film and is Sisu Productions first official production. The film began as a small passion project, aiming to bring together female filmmakers, creating something that everyone involved could be proud of and utilise in their own work. The whole team at Sisu worked collaboratively on the script, with Rebecca and Beth also staring in the film, which was directed by Oona.

Don't You Want Me, Baby? was filmed in fall of 2021 and had its premiere in July 2022 in The Lexi Cinema in London.


Cake. Bloodshed. One giant squid.

Lydia and Rosie can't get on board with ' the mummy club' at Alice's baby shower, and it only takes one bitchy comment from the seemingly perfect Beatrice for things to descend into chaos... 


Don't You Want Me, Baby?' explores the pressure that women face when it comes to the discussion around pregnancy, highlighting the various prejudices that surround the topic and aiming to open up the conversation to a wider audience.

Full Crew & Cast List

Director - Oona Koivula 

Writers - Oona Koivula, Beth Noonan-Roberts, Rebecca Wilson

Producer - Rebecca Wilson

Post-Production Producer - Keevy Wardaugh

Production Manager - Keevy Wardaugh

1st Assistant Director - Molly Vandermeer

Director of Photography - Josie Copeland

1st Camera Assistant - Liam Rees

Editor - Sam Rigal

Assistant Editor - Oona Koivula

Script Supervisor - Amelia Deering

Colorist - Kasia Jarco

Composer - James Wedlock

Sound Designer - Rick Smith

Sound Recordist - Dan Garland

Fight Director - Rebecca Wilson

Fight Supervisor - Lucy Wordsworth

Assistant Fight Supervisor - Jake Nwogu

Costume Designer - Marianna Loukou

Hair & Makeup Artist - Charlotte Threadwell

1st Art Director - Alison Simmons

2nd Art Director - Magdalena Fiedler

Art Assistant - Maddy Joyce

Production Assistants

Rosanna Pryor

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Rebecca Snook


Nathan Simmons


Lydia - Rebecca Wilson

Rosie - Melaina Pecorini

Beatrice - Emma Humpston

Katie - Beth Noonan-Roberts

Lily - Helena Bollen

Millie - Hannah Moss

Frankie  - Melissa Lowe

Alice - Marianna Loukou

Alexa Voice - Beth Noonan-Roberts

Behind The Scenes

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