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The Dyás is a 4-minute long fashion film, which Oona was approached to direct in by the fashion brand The Dyás. The Dyás is a new, London-based sustainable fashion brand founded by Nuria Revuelta. The film was created to promote the launch of the brand.


The film became Sisu's second production, and was shot in early December 2021 and released later that month.

THE DYÁS FINAL  (GRADED).00_03_40_05.Still573.jpg

The Dyás film explored the idea of fashion as an art form and the correlation between the two. Oona was hugely inspired by Ancient Greek art, fashion and entertainment, as the name The Dyás itself comes from Greek Philosophy.

Watch The Full The Dyás Film Below

Behind The Scenes

Director, Editor & Producer - Oona Koivula

Cinematographer - Joana Magalhaes

Designer - Nuria Revuelta


Amy Attwater

Tobias Blessing

Eliot Gillings

Congyu Xu

Production Designer - Asya Peker

Music - Gaspard Pancrazi

Colorist - Virgil Tafalla

Makeup & Hair - Rosa Marina Alvarez

1st AD - Ladan Laleh Saidi

Costume Assistant - Blanca Zumalacarregui

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